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Question 1
What city was the RMS Titanic traveling to on its maiden voyage?
Question 2
John Lee Hooker is one of the two artists who are often referred to as "The King of the Blues". Who is the other?
Question 3
What is the correct title of the Wham! song?
Question 4
The Olympic symbol contains how many rings?
Question 5
If all three sides of a triangle are 4 inches long, what kind of triangle is it?
Question 6
The Imjin War was fought between Japan and which other country?
Question 7
What type of dog did Queen Elizabeth II of England call her favorite?
Question 8
What kind of medical condition continues for a long time?
Question 9
The common prefix "therma" comes from a Greek city known for what?
Question 10
Sweet potato pie is a food item of what type of cuisine?
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