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Question 1
The NASCAR movie Days of Thunder starred what (then) Hollywood power couple?
Question 2
The heaviest venomous snake is a rattler that shares its name with a baseball team. What is this snake?
Question 3
Shoho means Auspicious Phoenix, and it was the first aircraft carrier from what country to be sunk during World War II?
Question 4
Which young girl helped drive the English from French soil in the 15th century?
Question 5
In 1951, James Jones wrote this classic?
Question 6
Which two bodies of water are in contact with each other?
Question 7
What is the process of growth by the slow increase of particles called?
Question 8
Who is the Olympic athlete and actor known for playing Tarzan, who passed away in 1984?
Question 9
In what novel does high-class Holly Golightly turned out to be plain-old Lula Mae Barnes?
Question 10
What countries stayed, respectively, the first and second most heavily populated throughout the 20th century?

Answer riddle/puzzle:

They are part of a set of triplets.
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