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Question 1
Which of these herbs is not used in Italian cooking?
Question 2
In a rare tie, veteran Katharine Hepburn had to share one of her Oscars with the woman making her screen debut as Fanny Brice in "Funny Girl." Who?
Question 3
Because there was already a Michael Fox in the Screen Actors Guild, Michael Andrew Fox picked what new name, largely to avoid cute headlines like "Michael: A Fox"?
Question 4
Which state did the USA buy from Russia in 1867?
Question 5
How do astronauts warm their food aboard a space shuttle?
Question 6
What device controls temperature with a switch?
Question 7
How many zeros are in the number ten thousand?
Question 8
I was a famous playwright and critic who wrote "Man and Superman" and a lot of other plays, who am I?
Question 9
Pirates attacking shipping in the Indian Ocean & around the Horn of Africa since 2008 have been based in which country?
Question 10
Which country launched Operation Pillar of Defense against the Gaza Strip in 2012?

Answer riddle/puzzle:

First you look in the mirror and see what you saw. You take the saw and cut the table in half. Two halves equal a hole. So you crawl out the hole and now you're free.
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