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Do you know the answer to question 4

Question 1
Which city is called al-Quds by the Arabs and Yerushalayim by the Jews?
Question 2
Sinead O'Connor is a famous singer from which country?
Question 3
The famous boating area known as the Broads is in which English county?
Question 4
What type of vehicle is a London Taxi traditionally?
Question 5
Finish this line of The Monkees lyrics: 'And then I saw her face - Now I'm ___________'.
Question 6
How many pounds are in 32 ounces?
Question 7
Who sang the famous song "Don't Stand So Close To Me" (1980) ?
Question 8
Despite what you saw in the Disney movie, who didn't actually intervene to save John Smith from being executed by Powhatan?
Question 9
How is Orville Wright's August 19 celebrated in the US?
Question 10
In 1981, which of these became the first 24-hour cable network for music?
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