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What is your IQ?

Question 1
Finish The Lyric: "I will lay me down, Like a"?
Question 2
Who appeared as herself (specifically, as Joan Molinsky) on Nip/Tuck, asking that all her cosmetic surgery be reversed?
Question 3
What is unusual about the way marsupials give birth?
Question 4
What central part of an atom occupies a mere one quadrillionth its volume of an atom and just 0.1 percent of its mass?
Question 5
What meat from the small end of the beef tenderloin is called the king of steaks because it melts in your mouth?
Question 6
Which planet is named for the Roman goddess of love?
Question 7
In what year did man first walk on the Moon?
Question 8
Which pop musical star used to have a featured short 3D motion picture at Disneyland?
Question 9
What would you call the treatment of disease, usually cancer, by chemical agents?
Question 10
Where is the White House located?
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