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I really don't know the answer

Question 1
What is a "Tortilla"?
Question 2
What fruit has a fuzzy brown skin?
Question 3
Audiences were shocked when what star of Psycho was killed off shortly after the picture got going?
Question 4
Often referenced in hip hop lyrics because of his role in Ghost, who revealed in 2008 that he had pancreatic cancer?
Question 5
Which disease will a carcinogen cause?
Question 6
While you have 5 million olfactory cells, cats have 60 million and dogs have 220 million, so they can do something better than you. What?
Question 7
It's only done to treat really extreme cases of epilepsy, but half of something is removed in a hemispherectomy. What?
Question 8
What term describes a female cow that hasn't given birth?
Question 9
What is the common abbreviation of Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus?
Question 10
What substance in your ears helps keep germs and dirt out?
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