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Mixed Knowledge Quiz

Question 1
Port Said is at the entrance of which canal?
Question 2
What word means a loss of electrical power?
Question 3
In Roman numerals, an I is a 1, a V is a 5 and an X is a 10. What is 0?
Question 4
Benjamin Franklin named the Gulf Stream because he thought it started in what gulf, the biggest in the world?
Question 5
What song did Elton John record in the 1970s with Kiki Dee, and in the 1990s with RuPaul?
Question 6
In which major world event was Britain involved between 1914 and 1918?
Question 7
When are people who are a Gemini born?
Question 8
In what country would you most likely be if paying for something with an afghani?
Question 9
Which single was a hit for The Rolling Stones in 1971?
Question 10
What are the correct lyrics to Deep Purple's biggest hit?
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