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Question 1
What country has, in effect, become a communist monarchy, since the founder's son became Supreme Leader in the 1990s and his grandson became Supreme Leader in 2011?
Question 2
With which great Roman leader did Cleopatra VII go on a cruise on the Nile?
Question 3
Which of these is an ancient Greek philosopher?
Question 4
From what type of stone is the Taj Mahal's white dome built?
Question 5
In 1993, who changed his name to 'the Artist Formerly Known as ...'?
Question 6
In 2014, Bohuslav Sobotka became the Prime Minister of which Eastern European country?
Question 7
In 1991, what was made the official language of Puerto Rico?
Question 8
In 1989 there was a student rally for democracy in Tiananmen Square, what country is it in?
Question 9
In 2012, the burning of a Quran sparked a deadly riot in what country?
Question 10
What year did Soviet forces leave Afghanistan?
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