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Trivia Quiz

Question 1
Which person is known for this: "leader of the U.S.S.R."?
Question 2
Which of these musicians was a member of The Monkees?
Question 3
In 1540, Garcia Lopez de Cardenas became the first European to see what canyon, which is a mile deep in some places?
Question 4
Who played Mrs Euphegenia Doubtfire?
Question 5
Angry that Kim Chol was partying during the grieving period for Kim Jong-il, who not only had the minister executed, but blew him away with a direct mortar round strike?
Question 6
Remove your shoes, sit on the tatami mat and make sure the most important person sits furthest from the entrance. What kind of food are you about to eat?
Question 7
Which of these was a celebrated Greek warrior and later King of Macedon?
Question 8
Which American invented the light bulb?
Question 9
According to legend, who was King Arthur's wife?
Question 10
What is a biro used for?
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