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Is your IQ high enough to score a perfect 10

Question 1
Isaac Newton is known best as this?
Question 2
The Latins evicted the Carthaginians from what is now Cadiz in what became the Roman province of Hispania. Today, Hispania is what European nation?
Question 3
How did Adolf Hitler die?
Question 4
What powerful king of the Huns was nicknamed the scourge of God?
Question 5
In which English city was William Shakespeare born?
Question 6
Who was Julius Caesar's successor as Roman Emperor?
Question 7
Of these, which is a country music singer born in 1983?
Question 8
In which city was President John F Kennedy assassinated in 1963?
Question 9
Which country was placed under an international oil embargo in 2012?
Question 10
If you are having German "tomatensuppe" with your grilled cheese, what are you eating?
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