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Question 1
Which of these is in the vegetables group?
Question 2
A whale breathes air through blowholes, which are located on which part of its head?
Question 3
Originally in 1932, the Three Musketeers bar was three separate nougat bars, each a different flavor. Which of these was not one of them?
Question 4
The kid who played David Copperfield and Harry Potter shares his surname with one of the Seven Sisters. Who?
Question 5
In 1893, Pennsylvania bridge engineer George Ferris built his first eponymous wheel in what "windy city"?
Question 6
In 1859, James Clerk Maxwell proved that the rings of what planet could not be solid, since they would then break apart?
Question 7
What grass, often used to make North American whiskey, is sometimes used to replace some of the malt in beer?
Question 8
An Angus is black and hornless; the Hereford is red with a white face; Ayrshires are often red, too. What are they?
Question 9
Which of the following Presidents' First Lady was named Laura?
Question 10
Which animal is not a Chinese year?
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