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General Knowledge quiz

Question 1
In 1962, the United States was involved in a missile-related standoff involving what nearby nation?
Question 2
Los Angeles mayor Benjamin Wilson was the grandfather of what WWII general?
Question 3
The pink and white marble Palazzo Ducale is better known as the Doge's Palace, and it's found on what city's Grand Canal?
Question 4
The coccyx was named for its resemblance to the cuckoo's beak. What is the more common name for the coccyx?
Question 5
In which city was there a 'Great Fire' in 1871?
Question 6
Disney removed a bust of which comedian from its theme park in July 2015?
Question 7
What relation was William III to Mary II, whom he married?
Question 8
Microsoft developed what as email services became popular?
Question 9
Nick Hornby released which of these books in 1995?
Question 10
I sang with my brother in the 1970's and we had a talk show in the 1990's, who am I?
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